We’re back

This Sunday was our first Sunday back after our travels to Ontario to close the sale of our home. It is amazing how material possessions accumulate over time. Just to think that 30 years ago (1986) when we decided to sell all and follow the call of Jesus on our  lives all we had when we left Ontario for Bible College in Busingen (Germany/Switzerland) was a few suitcases (a couple of old fashioned trunks).

On our way back we encountered a setback with a blown tire and another tire on the verge of blowing.


We thank God for a safe travel back home ( I know we are “from away”).  It is good to be home.

I will close with the following poem on “Perspective”by Joy Lenton”:

The world defines beauty by virtue of lines of perfection in looks, dress,
face and form, and every part coming together as grace and art,

whereas I see beyond outward appearance to the depths of your being, where I am living and dwelling, where spiritual fruit is growing, developing in a receptive heart

The world assesses knowledge by education, learning, dedication, college attendance,
whereas I look for thirst, desire to learn, coupled with meekness, surrender and obedience

You don’t need certificate, diploma or degree, but you do need perseverance,
application to My word and turning attention continually to Me

The world looks for wisdom in accumulating facts, possessing
sage advice and being seen as all-knowing in other’s eyes

I see wisdom as gift for those with eager, seeking hearts who ask, believe
and receive it from me, and make it a priority to be diligent in
this task, humbling themselves to be wise only in My eyes

The world assumes that satisfaction is found in every want being met,
desires and goals achieved, plans fulfilled, and life going swimmingly

Look beyond the temporary and temporal and see how true, deep, lasting
satisfaction is found only in personal relationship with Me

The world uses love as currency, bartering, giving and withholding, conditional,
dependent on feelings sustained, a measure of acceptability, validity

I bring you Love in all its amazing diversity as pure, unconditional, undeserved
offering, unmerited yet freely given treasure beyond anything you know or see

There is a world that’s constrained or open, a gift to reject or receive
for your soul’s sake – depending on which perspective you take


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