Rev. Sheila (Graham) McCrea-MacCallum

Pastor Sheila served as a travelling evangelist in Nazarene and Wesleyan churches across Canada. During this time Pastor Sheila was ordained as a pastor of the Reformed Baptist Alliance of Canada (now known as the Wesleyan Church). Pastor Sheila has had a long relationship with the Elmsdale Church of the Nazarene (on loan from the Wesleyan Church). In 1965 Pastor Sheila Graham was the Summer Supply at the Elmsdale Church of the Nazarene.  In 2004 she became Elmsdale pastor until 2011.  She currently serves on the Elmsdale COTN pastoral staff along with Pastors Michael and Betty Zita in   ministry to the seniors and counselling.

img13-3Pastor Sheila has just completed her biography entitled: My Journey By God’s Design.  Dr. L.K. Mullen shares the following words about her new book, “Sheila’s book, a journal of her many-sided career, offers the reader a glimpse into her personal journey that includes both sorrows and success, challenges and achievements . . . Read her book! You may laugh and cry and you will not be disappointed. As you read you will come to know and love her and you’ll come to know God even more.”

On Friday July 21, 2017 during our 100th anniversary celebrations Pastor Sheila will be launching her book.




One thought on “Rev. Sheila (Graham) McCrea-MacCallum

  1. Congratulations on your new book Sheila. Look forward to reading it. Missed seeing you when we went to PEI last year. Take care Linda


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