Glory to God

Last night (July 20th), we began our 100th anniversary celebrations in the sanctuary of the church with jubilant songs of praise unto Our God. Pastor Stuart Williams challenged us with a message from the book of Exodus 17:1-7 entitled “Looking Back and Letting God.” (you can hear the message by clicking this link “Looking Back and Letting Go” )

God truly moved in our gathering as people sought the comfort of our God for healing and guidance for their life’s journey.

After the service we walked to tent and prayed for the blessing of God upon our lives,  our family, our community (West Prince) and upon the remaining days of our celebrations.

Afterwards we met in the church hall for fellowship, food, and conversation.

Below are some photos taken yesterday. There is also a photo of our afternoon senior’s worship service at the Maplewood Manor of Pastor Betty and Sidney Hardy (a member of the Elmsdale COTN).

Pray that the glory of the Lord will fill our “tent of meeting.” Exodus 33
Sydney Hardy and Pastor Betty at the Maplewood Manor Alberton 


Getting ready for the service to begin. 
Entering the tent to pray after the evening service. 
Food, Food, and more Food! 
Fellowship after the evening service.

Tonight’s evening service begins at 7:00 pm at the “Tent of Meeting”.

Invite a friend, relative or a neighbour.

Tonight’s message is “God with Us” from Exodus 33:12-23.


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