Show us your Glory Lord – Day 2

Last night we held our first service in the tent. Pastor Stuart spoke on the theme of “God with Us” from Exodus 33:12-33. Moses in Exodus 33:18 said the following to Yahweh, “‘Now show me your glory.’” “Show me your glory has been one of prayers as we prepared for this glorious celebration There was no way Moses was leaving his divine appointment with God with a experience of Yahweh’s glory. God answers and said,”There is a place near me.” Because of Christ our God is as close as the mention of His name. You can hear the full message by clicking here God with Us.

Today, Saturday July 22 we will have a Old Fashioned Picnic on the church grounds with games and inflatables for the entire family. Everyone is welcome from 2:00 PM to 5:00PM. Barbecue around 2:30 PM to 3:00PM. Once again everyone is welcomed.

This evening’s service will be 7:00 pm in the Tent of Meeting. (100 th brochure)

Tonight we will also be praying for the sick in our service.

Here are some pics from yesterday:


Our speaker Rev. Stuart Williams
Display inside the Tent
Last night’s service in the tent.


Our provincial representative “Pat Murphy” represented us with 2 plaques with recognition of Elmsdale 100 years of ministry. One from his office and the other from the Premier.
Pastor Michael Zita  accepting the plaques. 


Rev. Stuart Williams preaching.

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