Blessed 100th Anniversary Elmsdale Church of the Nazarene

Today is the official day in which we celebrate our 100th anniversary as the Elmsdale Church of the Nazarene. “Soli Deo Gloria.” In other words, “Only to God be the Glory.”  We are filled with thanksgiving  today as we prepare to celebrate His faithfulness at our 10:30 AM and 7:00 PM services. It has been a blessed time to celebrate this milestone with each other in times of worship,  fellowship after the service, and fun filled day on Saturday.

Last night we received a challenge from our speaker Rev. Stuart to move from liberation, freedom, deliverance stage in our journey with God into becoming the holy people of God. Liberation is a wonderful starting point but becoming God’s holy people goes beyond our freedom start. (You can listen to the message from Exodus 19:1-8 by clicking here Becoming God’s Holy and Priestly Nation)

Here are some pics from our day together on Saturday:

Old Fashion Picnic — Saturday 
Potato Sack Race 
I got this!
Face painting. 
Time Capsule 
Previous Elmsdale COTN Rev. Dale Thistle was with us yesterday. 
Some of our 100th anniversary committee at the Time Capsule 

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